Although our volunteers have day jobs, families and other responsibilities, we make sure to save time for the community, but especially each other. Friendships grow quickly as members spend many hours together working on the ambulance and participating in community events.   As volunteer medical professionals, we try and make ourselves available to the public whenever we can, even with something so simple as jump-starting a car.

Our volunteers are passionate about community affairs, after all, that is why we volunteer our time and energy for the community! We want to give make a contribution to our community in ways that could both be beneficial, and enjoyable, to our neighbors! From time to time, there are miscellaneous events throughout the area -  most commonly street fairs. Ridgewood volunteers participate in these events and provide healthcare information (such as blood pressure and blood-oxygen level), volunteer information and first responder information, such as what to do if you suspect a friend or loved one is suffering from an acute medical emergency. 

Ridgewood volunteers strive to educate the community about medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrest, suspected heart attacks and strokes. Being able to identify the problem and activate the Emergency Response System are the most crucial key points in the American Heart Association's chain of survival. We want our community to be polished and prepared about how to efficiently handle to medical emergencies involving friends and loved ones. Most recently, Ridgewood volunteers have been proactively teaching hands-only CPR in local parks, or as we call it, CPR in the Park! We have been featured on New York 1 for this effort!