Welcome to Ridgewood Volunteer Ambulance Corps! When you first start at the corps you will begin as a probationary member. As time continues and you become more familiar with the policies, ambulance and dispatching you will have opportunities to seek promotion within the corps. This occurs in two steps: From Probationary Member to Full Member and from Dispatcher to Crew Chief (and then driver). Members may also choose to become a dispatcher and MVO only and not be a Crew Chief. 

Probationary Member

Probationary members are ineligible to vote during regular member meetings but may be present during the meetings. Probationary members can be promoted as a Dispatcher, Crew Chief, or Driver. 

Probationary members must complete the following to be eligible for promotion to Full Member:

  • Probationary Members must fulfill 12-hour-per-month commitment to RVAC.
  • Probationary Members must have all documents, current certifications, and similar documents submitted.
  • Probationary Members must complete 3 to 6 months of full membership to qualify for promotion to Full Active Member
  • Probationary Members must be voted in by a majority of present Full Active Members during a General Member Meeting.
    • Probationary members are not required to be present at this meeting to be voted in.


Full Active Member

Full Active Members are eligible to vote as a member of the corps.

To maintain this status members must: 

  • Complete 12-hours-per-month in tour credit. 
  • Maintain active certifications, health forms, and similar documents.
  • Be present or excused from General Member Meetings.
  • Attend a minimum of 40% of training sessions. 

Any member who does not meet the 12 hours requirement in any three (3) months will automatically be placed back on probation, at which time the member must remain in good standing for a period of three months or be removed from the membership roll. 

Any member that has received a letter within three (3) months of any program or election will not be considered in good standing and will not be allowed to participate in certain programs, hold certain offices, and vote in the election or removal or directors, officers or on the amendment or revision of by-laws.


To be cleared as a dispatcher the individual must have completed the following:

  • All previous requirements must be completed (dispatcher trainee must have a complete membership application and all paperwork submitted to begin training).
  • Dispatcher trainee must attend two training sessions at a minimum with any dispatch trainers.
  • Dispatcher trainee must show proficiency dispatching. 
  • Dispatcher trainee must complete a ten-code exam with a score of at least 70%.
    • Study ten codes through the Member's Home link! 
  • Dispatcher trainee must be comfortable with log on procedures for MARS and RCC. 
  • Dispatcher must be comfortable contacting hospitals to send notifications
  • Dispatcher trainee must be proficient at operating the RVAC and MARS radios. 
  • Dispatcher trainee must be comfortable answering the RVAC landline phones. 
  • Dispatcher trainee must have an understanding of the RVAC SOPs. 
  • Dispatcher trainee must be comfortable opening and closing base (including forwarding the landline phones). 
  • Dispatcher trainee must complete all required components prior to becoming a Crew Chief.

Crew Chief

To be cleared as a Crew Chief, individuals must have completed the following:

  • Member must have completed dispatch training.
  • Member must fulfill tour requirements riding as an Attendant on the ambulance. 
  • Member must have five (5) completed evaluations stating that you are ready to be cleared. 
    • Members with six (6) months of prior 911 experience require only three (3) evaluations. 
  • Member must be proficient in using the Creative E-PCR System.
  • Member must be proficient at writing paper PCRs and must submit at least one (1) "mock" PCR with each evaluation. 
  • Member must complete the following classes:
    • Lifting and Moving Class
    • Ambulance Orientation
    • E-PCR Training Class 

Crew Chief Responsibilities and Training of Attendants

  • Crew chiefs must submit evaluations of attendants on shift. 
  • Crew Chief Evaluations must have at least one "mock" paper PCR stapled with the following filled out by the attendant as appropriate for the call:
    • A full assessment
    • Treatments administered
    • Transport position and information
    • Objective assessment and Chief Complaint
    • Demographics should be left blank.


To be cleared as a Driver (MVO) 

Non-Emergency Driver

  • Reach out and schedule a time to ride and drive with a Driver Trainer (contact information on Member's Home under "Additional Contacts")
  • Candidate must receive a minimum of four (4) evaluations with less than 15 points and no critical fails from a driver trainer.
    • Candidates who have previously worked within the 9-1-1 System is only required to complete two (2) driver evaluations.
  •  To be cleared, candidate must go out with one of the driver training committee chairs and receive less than 15 points and have no critical fails on the non-emergency driving road test.
    • If the candidate fails the road test, the candidate can repeat the test with a different Driver Committee Chair. If no other co-chairs are available, the candidate may re-test with the same chairperson. 
    • A second non-emergency road test failure requires a ninety (90) day remediation period from the date of the second road test In order to attempt the road test a third time.

Emergency Driver

  • Drivers must complete Non-Emergency Driver Training prior to beginning Emergency Driver Training